Apprentices add value to your team

by Amy Ewens on March 14, 2013


Stafforce Recruitment has long recognised that its people are the most fundamental asset to its business…so when we launched the Stafforce Apprenticeship Training Academy in the latter part of 2012, I jumped at the chance to make an addition of an apprentice to the team. Danny Faulkner joined my team in January this year and has continued to blow both me and my senior colleagues away with his progress so far.

Danny’s role within Central Sales is to support and assist the sales team within their day to day duties which in turn contributes to the team’s success.  He’s settled in very well and is a valued member who offers innovative and fresh ideas that some of us older than him fail to recognise. His viewpoint on our business is at times invaluable as it gives me a perspective from someone who is working ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ the business.  Sometimes when you have been in a role for some time there are the occasions when you can’t see the wood for the trees; you don’t get this with Danny because everything is new, challenging and exciting. When you see someone so enthused it spreads and in response my team are the top of their game as they feed from the energy that an apprentice has brought to the table.

When I look at Danny I see raw talent…I see someone who has the potential to go all the way and make it to the top and I’m excited to be on that journey with him. Apprentices are not tea boys or girls, they are individuals with a hunger to succeed and exceed within the workplace who believe that on the job learning and mentoring coupled with working towards a nationally recognised qualification is the path that will take them there.

What is equally as exciting is that I get to see the team of tomorrow, shaping today! The long term plan for Danny is that he will finish his Apprenticeship and be awarded with a full-time position in the team. Apprentices allow you to succession plan and take a glimpse into the future. Statistics show that 76% of apprentices are so committed to their employer that when asked where they will be in 10 years,  they stated they still wished to be with their host employer. Statistics also suggest that a high percentage of apprentices go on to undertake managerial roles within the same company that offered them their Apprenticeship.

I have no doubt in my mind that Danny will go on to be a highly successful individual and hope that whilst we are on this learning journey together we truly are cementing his future within our business. So for anyone who may be thinking of bringing an apprentice into their business, I’d say go for it! These apprentices are the business leaders of tomorrow and as rewarding as an Apprenticeship is for Danny it’s equally as rewarding for me as his mentor on the journey with him. It would be nice to think that one day Danny will look back and think of his apprenticeship with Stafforce as a good starting block for his future.  Finally, the additional bonus of working so closely with 17 year old Danny is that he never fails to make us laugh, keeps us up to speed with the latest gadgets and fashions and as such keeps us all young!!

Amy Ewens

Amy Ewens is the Business Manager for Stafforce Central Sales. She is responsible for day to day managing of the Stafforce Central Sales Team whose function is to support business development throughout the existing branch network whilst creating strategic opportunities for the wider business. Follow Amy on Twitter, read the Stafforce blog and connect to Amy via LinkedIn.


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