My climb up the Stafforce ladder!

by Julie Humphries on August 13, 2012


Well I’ve now been working at Stafforce for fast approaching 15 years and I’ve progressed from being a Recruitment Administrator to a Senior Business Manager during that time. Of course there have been challenges along the way as there always are in life, but overall I’ve loved working in recruitment and Stafforce is a great employer that has moved with the times.

My Stafforce experience began on the other side of the fence. I registered as a candidate and was placed in a number of roles before going on to work in an estate agents for nine months. Because I didn’t really enjoy that role I registered with Stafforce again and ended up being offered a permanent position to actually work for Stafforce in their Charlton branch as their Recruitment Administrator. There the story of my life in recruitment began, back in 1998!

I made some great inroads and really started to enjoy the world of recruitment and do well. Within a couple of years I was promoted to be a Recruitment Consultant and was faced with the challenge of building a successful desk that hit the high targets that were set. I responded well and within six months my desk was exceeding the targets and bringing lots of new clients into the business. Stafforce was quickly supplying to very different industries to those we had previously and much of this was down to me!

Stafforce continued to offer me opportunities to progress and my next step forward came in 2005 when I was promoted to Branch Manager at Charlton. Since then I’ve continued to deliver against all targets and develop the business and the team. I’m not saying that it’s always been easy because there have been many challenges and obstacles along the way but my team has always overcome these and continued to deliver; always supported by the wider Stafforce business.

I’ve put a lot into my work at Stafforce but then there have been plenty rewards along the way, a regular sense of achievement, good fun and great friends made. Stafforce takes a lot of pride in supporting its employees to develop to their potential and be successful in their career. I was given a chance to shine and I’ve climbed the ladder and progressed from being a Recruitment Administrator to a Senior Business Manager with shares in the company. I’m now looking forward to continue to be part of a flourishing business and to seeing how the new Stafforce Academy is going to develop the leaders and managers for our future business.

Julie Humphries

Julie has worked for Stafforce for 15 years, starting as a Recruitment Administrator, she worked her way up to becoming a Senior Business Manager, where she continues to delivering against all targets and develop the business and the team. Connect with Julie via LinkedIn


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