We’re always improving our business to deliver a better service

by Ian Anderson on September 3, 2013

you aint seen nothing yet

Trends and technology are always changing and in order for companies to keep up, they have to change their ways. This is exactly what Stafforce Recruitment has done and continues to do.

To ensure that we’re leading the way and improving our business is the key to our success and your success, so here are some of the things we’ve done over the last couple of years that have helped us to deliver a better service.

Improving technology

We’re always investing in technology to improve our business and the client and worker experience… it underpins everything we do. So far we’ve invested over £350,000 in technology since 2011 to protect and improve the experience of our clients and candidates. This has involved introducing a new recruitment CRM that can manage Agency Workers Regulations and there are now online time and attendance records and a new efficient payroll system.

To help us stay on the cutting edge and drive through changes, we have our own software development team that helps us to put key changes into place- quickly, so we can provide a better online experience for both our clients and candidates.

This is part of our strategy for growth, which brings me to  another reason why Stafforce is continuing to change and grow…

Strategic hubs

We’re starting to move branches off the high streets into strategic hubs which makes good sense for our business, our clients and our workers. By bringing teams together we’re pooling resources and candidates for the benefit of everyone.

It means that we’re able to deal with client “peaks and troughs” of demand, moving workers from one employer in the local area to another. For workers, this means continuity of work, improved income security and that they are able to maintain and enhance skills across a portfolio of hirers.

And for clients, well it enables labour sharing and an effective approach to managing the AWR. We will have a monopoly on the best people in the market as we witness improved loyalty, commitment and productivity of local workers allowing us to cherry pick the very best.

We’re always improving our business to deliver a better service… 

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson became Chief Executive at Stafforce Personnel in 2007 and since then he has led the company through a period of ambitious strategic growth and acquisition. Today Stafforce is a recruitment business committed to improving client profitability through people, processes and technology by delivering cutting edge recruitment solutions and specialist business consultancy and support. Follow Ian Anderson and StafforceNews on Twitter and follow Stafforce via LinkedIn.


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