Why do we want to help your organisation be more profitable, sustainable or better?

by Ian Anderson on February 12, 2014

way better!

Our mission is to do just that, because we believe that in helping you to improve, we will also help our own organisation. The ways we do this are many, but if we keep to the above premise there should always be great outcomes. Some examples of what we do;

  • Our ethical recruitment results in 99.7% fill rates, which mean that operational lines operate at maximum operational efficiency levels.
  • Because we have happy workers we have a lower churn rate than most recruitment businesses thereby improving quality and retention for clients.
  • Through our lean approach we can help balance operational lines thereby improving operational efficiency. This focus on bottom line improvement measures has led to a 20% increase in profit for many organisations we have worked with.
  • Our skills matrix software also means that Health and Safety and quality compliance can be audited quickly, thereby minimising risk.

Our proven recruitment strategy and meticulous approach to practical delivery has made us a leading HR supplier and specialist business consultancy. We are now routinely being asked to provide business improvement support with the help of our sister brand Nicholas Associates. Here are my three key questions to see if you can get any better;

  1. Does your team know where the organisation is going?
  2. Are your Key Performance Indicators measuring the correct areas of your operation?
  3. Is the culture in your business such that you over achieve in everything that you do?

Therefore if you want to become more profitable, sustainable or just plain better, a discussion with one of our team may be time worth spending.

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson became Chief Executive at Stafforce Personnel in 2007 and since then he has led the company through a period of ambitious strategic growth and acquisition. Today Stafforce is a recruitment business committed to improving client profitability through people, processes and technology by delivering cutting edge recruitment solutions and specialist business consultancy and support. Follow Ian Anderson and StafforceNews on Twitter and follow Stafforce via LinkedIn.


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