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by Laura Cousins on August 20, 2013

it aint what you do its the way that you do it

We know that the quality of candidates and workers supplied to clients directly reflects on the quality of Stafforce as a recruitment agency… so we work extremely hard to make sure that we get it right and supply the best quality people that are out there in the job market.

Whether we’re recruiting for a temporary placement or a permanent job role, whether it’s an industrial, commercial or engineering role, or whether it’s for a new apprentice for your business or new head of a business area… everything starts in the same place.

Professional recruitment consultants begin by writing adverts and then promoting them, using paid for job boards, online advertising, the Stafforce website and social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The next stage is to sift through applications – which can be hundreds per advert – before registering and validating applicants. Then it’s on to interviewing, skills profiling and assessing a qualified shortlist… and sometimes that’s only at the beginning.

If we’re recruiting temporary workers then we induct candidates into “The Stafforce Way” as our own employees before inducting them into client placements and doing factory tours and in some cases delivering sector specific training.

So to give you a feel for the responses that we sometimes deal with, here are some ‘real life’ statistics relating to a recruitment campaign for an international automotive company based in Yorkshire. You’ll see it’s a lot of work before someone walks through the factory door for a working day!

We had 5373 website hits in response to advertising the roles on our website, social media and various paid for job boards… we then received 535 applications, so 1 in 10 people that hit our site then applied… we then went through the process of pre-screening 335 of the applicants – validating applicants, testing and assessing their skills. This reduced the number of people down to 89 for factory tours stage… with 71 making interview….and 41 being employed.

Bear in mind that we have up to 4000 workers out in the world on any working day and then you start to get a feel for how much we invest in selecting and providing the best people in the market.

Laura Cousins

Laura Cousins joined Stafforce Recruitment in 2011 as a Senior Recruitment Business Manager and was responsible for overseeing the operations of the Leeds, Bradford and York branches. She is now the Business Choreographer and is responsible for supporting the vision of the company so that all elements of local operations and client relationship, work as part of the larger picture. Connect with Laura via LinkedIn


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