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by Tony Boorman on July 22, 2013

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When you’re in a ‘people business’ such as recruitment, having good ethical policies is always important. Clients and workers are at the heart of everything Stafforce Recruitment does, so treating them well and ensuring that you protect them from risk at all times, makes perfect business sense.

Indeed, rather than compromise our integrity we’ve walked away from business in the past. We never adopted the Mobile Workers Scheme as we felt it was not ethical and exploited the lower paid, more vulnerable people in society. Taking this stance most definitely cost us business… as we weren’t able to compete with some of the margins that others who adopted the scheme could offer employers… however we always knew that we were not prepared to exploit workers and risk tarnishing the reputation of our clients.

Our clients have always been able to feel confident that we’re compliant with all employment legislation. Back in 2006 we were awarded our Gangmaster’s Licence and featured on the BBC’s Panorama programme after being filmed undercover in our Grimsby operation. We turned out to be the only agency or employer to identify a fraudulent document that a worker was attempting to register with… so we’re not exposing clients to the risk of employing illegal workers in the UK.

Not too long ago we invested over £100k in a new CRM that future-proofed our business and ensured that we were compliant with the new Agency Workers Regulations, the most challenging piece of employment legislation to hit the recruitment industry in a long time. Our new CRM and evolved recruitment model ensures that not only do we supply and retain quality workers that meet the regulations, but we also minimise the impact for our clients.

And then for some of our large food manufacturing clients, supermarket audits are a big, big thing and we’re proud to say that we’ve never once failed an audit… and we’ve been around for many years! We’re a safe link in the supplier chain and won’t run the risk of damaging your business success.

So we’re always busy safeguarding our business and yours whilst ensuring that we approach everything we do with integrity. We’re a safe pair of hands but we’re also sure that there are many recruiters in the market that don’t share our expertise or beliefs… but the risks they take are then shared with their clients.

Are you exposed to risk, or do you have peace of mind?

Tony Boorman

Tony Boorman is the Director of Recruitment for Stafforce. Having started his career in the Food Manufacturing Industry supplying multiples, Tony then moved into recruitment in 1997, starting out as an industrial consultant. He has since moved into large scale, onsite food manufacturing, managing onsite and delivery teams across the UK.


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