Swapping sales strategy for practicality

by Amy Ewens on January 17, 2013

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You can have all the sales clichés in the world such as the old chestnut – smile when you dial, but truth be told, if you never actually take the time out to fully understand the brand you represent, the service you are offering and your potential client base then how can it be possible to both actively and effectively sell it?  It can’t – is the bottom line.

With this in mind, during our quietest period in the run-up to Christmas the Stafforce Sales Team went back to basics and spent a day with the team responsible for the smooth running of one of our onsite operations at a large UK Food Manufacturer. Eagle eyed competitors – quit now, it’s cheesy to name drop your clients into blogs and the location of said Food Manufacturer is on a need to know basis!

So why was it important for us to do this? First and foremost for the reasons mentioned above; it is so important to re-familiarise yourself with your sales process and ideal client profile from time to time. Equally as fundamental is a need to understand what the end product of your sale could potentially look like and how a prospective client is managed by a dedicated Stafforce team. It was also great to leave the comfort zone of the sales office and gain a thorough understanding of the hard work and dedication that our colleagues put into the smooth running of an operation 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

From the moment you walk into the client’s dedicated Stafforce office you are immediately impressed by the standards that this team of onsite angels demonstrate. This office is one of the busiest in our network, with a constant flow of candidates enquiring about vacancies at the food manufacturing site. The whole operation – from compliant candidate registration to basic food and hygiene testing – runs like a military operation. This team works by the clock and quite often they do work around the clock!

On moving onsite in the afternoon we were introduced to one of the Stafforce Buddies who are assigned to look after new workers to the site in those first initial weeks. It’s immediately noticeable that the Buddies take great pride in working alongside the Stafforce team and at this moment you truly realise that you are working for a brand that is respected by both workers and clients alike – and that we employ some of the best people in the industry to run accounts like these. Above all we don’t sell a gimmick; we present recruitment solutions and other services that really do make a difference to our clients’ business.

So onsite team at aforementioned Food Manufacturer, based in the need to know basis location – I salute you!!!

Amy Ewens

Amy Ewens is the Business Manager for Stafforce Central Sales. She is responsible for day to day managing of the Stafforce Central Sales Team whose function is to support business development throughout the existing branch network whilst creating strategic opportunities for the wider business. Follow Amy on Twitter, read the Stafforce blog and connect to Amy via LinkedIn.


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