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by Amy Ewens on November 14, 2012

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Rewind back to March 2011, where I was sat in Stafforce Head Office awaiting my interview for a new role that had been created to drive sales forward centrally, on a national basis.

What on earth was I going to talk about? I knew nothing about Recruitment other than being sat on the other side of the fence as a candidate. However, having worked in a variety of sales roles, from being in a call centre to working as a Branch Manager for a sub-prime lender, I did know a fair bit about sales. I’m not sure whether it was my knowledge of the industry, my nervous sense of humour or a combination of both that got me through that day, but I landed the job as Recruitment Sales Executive for Stafforce and so my career here began.

Make no qualms about it, sales in recruitment is tough. The role is entirely different to that of a consultant. We have limited variation, no candidates to assist and we spend all our time devoted to chasing the next win. Yet the rewards and sense of personal and professional accomplishment when you land that next win are huge! Relationship building both internally and externally is the key that opens all locks in this type of business development. Winning new business in this role can take months, sometimes years and as the age old saying goes, patience really is a virtue!

To be successful you have to make it your business to know your prospective clients organisation as if it was your own. You have to demonstrate that you are genuinely different from the thousands of competitors out there but most importantly that, as a recruiter, you genuinely do care! I’ve emphasised ‘genuinely’ because recruiters do carry a bad name for being forceful in our approach to sales. Stafforce is different, we believe in quality rather than quantity and my job is to simply deliver that different message to our prospective clients and make us stand out from the thousands in the crowd.

So, what has become of the girl who knew nothing about recruitment back in March of 2011? Well if I am honest, I haven’t done too badly delivering the different message. I have been promoted to Senior Sales Executive and I now manage a team of like- minded individuals who all believe in and deliver ‘that message’ – that at Stafforce we really are demonstrably different. Why? Because I believe I am privileged to be mentored by some of the best people in the industry. I work alongside and I am supported by a brilliant network of colleagues and above all I genuinely do work for a recruiter that goes one step further to be different from the rest.

Amy Ewens

Amy Ewens is the Business Manager for Stafforce Central Sales. She is responsible for day to day managing of the Stafforce Central Sales Team whose function is to support business development throughout the existing branch network whilst creating strategic opportunities for the wider business. Follow Amy on Twitter, read the Stafforce blog and connect to Amy via LinkedIn.


  1. Steve Street said:

    Great piece Amy. What you all do is TOUGH! I respect you for having the energy, commitment and balls (you know what I mean!) to go at it the way you do each day.

    Keep it up and keep the blogs coming.


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