A day in the life of an onsite!

by Natalie Wilkinson on November 8, 2012


It is difficult to write about a typical day onsite as a recruitment consultant because we work in such a fast paced, ever changing industry where no day is the same.

I am based in a busy industrial town working onsite for a well-known household brand. Our site has recently doubled in size due to the closure of three other sites in the company’s business. This has resulted in Stafforce recruiting over 1000 people in the last five months; on top of the 300-500 people that we already have on assignment. This is great for Stafforce and it has also been a good challenge for me and the team!

As a temporary recruitment agency, we provide workers as and when needed. On occasions this can be with just a couple of hours’ notice, so we are always ready and prepared.

On a typical working day, we register between 15-30 candidates which includes a 1-2-1 interview and also a training session so that workers satisfy the client’s requirements in food hygiene. We also provide an assignment briefing course that all workers must go through before being placed into work. Then once the candidates have passed, we keep in regular contact with them until they are placed into an assignment.

When a worker is needed, they are given a site induction which includes them being shown around their site and being fitted with personal protected equipment. Each worker is also allocated a buddy to offer support and ensure that new workers are producing a high standard of work for our client.

At the end of every shift, we have to make sure timesheets have been filled in and signed by line managers before being given to us so that we can keep our records up-to-date. If this doesn’t happen, wages for a shift are not paid until the week after, so it is important that workers remember to do this!

The most interesting day onsite for me is the ‘Rebooks’ day! This is where the client will provide us with their production plan for the following week. It will include a plan of what lines shall be running when and the workers needed. The required workers are then booked in, keeping in mind peoples’ shift preferences, capability and experience.

In some cases a Stafforce worker is asked to do a coordinator’s job for the client should they need cover for their own staff, which offers a great progression opportunity.

Of course no onsite is without its dramas, but having Stafforce people in-situ to carry out daily tasks makes the workers feel secure and ensures they have total support and a place to report their concerns and achievements. Not only are we the first point of call for our employees, but we are also there and available should the client need us.

This blog was written by Laura Johnson and Natalie Wilkinson

Natalie Wilkinson

Natalie is a Recruitment Consultant for Stafforce. She works with the onsite team at Young's in Grimsby.


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