Finding a job - the key to success!

by Sarah Holbrook on June 14, 2012


I joined Stafforce in May and so I’ve recently been successful in taking the next step forward in my career and thought I’d share a few of my own tips on how to be successful in your job search efforts! So what worked for me?

For the Marketing Assistant job, I was actually “head hunted” on the internet from a job site by TEK recruitment, part of the Stafforce business. So naturally my first tip for you is to send your CV into the cyber world! Let recruitment agencies and companies know that you are there and looking for a job, then they will find you! Do make sure that your CV is presentable and clear, because if it doesn’t look good to read then it will not stand out to employers. Tips on CV writing are on our website and you can also read our Marketing Manager’s blog “Make sure your CV helps you stand out from the crowd!”

Once you’ve sent your CV out into the cyber world, don’t just sit and wait for companies to contact you! There is no harm in sending your CV to companies, even if they don’t have a position for you right then. They will still keep your information on file and will look back when that suitable position comes up.

If you have been headhunted, then reaching the interview stage is only half the battle. At this point you know your CV is attractive and that the employer is interested, but you still need to show that you are equally as interested in them!

This brings me to my second tip for getting the job that you want – research the company!

Show your knowledge about their business by having a good dip into their website and other promotional material before the interview. Read what their business aims are and about the services they offer; nine times out of ten this will give you questions of your own – which is good! Write down any questions you have because in the interview, you will more than likely be given the opportunity to ask them – so take advantage of this! The employer WANTS to know you are interested, so being inquisitive is a great way of showing this.

As well as writing the questions to ask the interviewer about the company, you also need to consider the questions they will be asking you. This is very important. So my next tip is to take time to research into the common questions asked by interviewers and draft your answers down. The interviewer will not mind if you have to keep referring to your note; it just shows them you are prepared.

It is also good to have examples of your past work experience to back up your answers. Linking your answers to reality and past experiences shows that you are capable of practising what you preach and that the result has been positive. This therefore gives the employer confidence that you can respond well in certain situations.

Ironically, the interview is not just about the answers you give. That is only one part of it. Your presentation can be the key to open that final door. So dress smartly, give eye contact and smile. If you give the table more attention than your interviewer/s then there is a high chance that the answers you give will not matter.

So one final tip from me is – have confidence, look like you want the job and good luck!

Sarah Holbrook

Sarah Holbrook is the Marketing Manager at Stafforce, a recruitment business committed to improving client profitability through people, processes and technology by delivering UK-wide cutting edge recruitment solutions and specialist business consultancy and support. Follow Sarah on Twitter and / or follow StafforceNews on Twitter, read the Stafforce blog and connect with Sarah via LinkedIn


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